STORY 2015年7月28日

Change a glove to an octopus

"Change a glove to an octopus? What are you saying?" many of you will probably think so.
However, once you look at the following idea, you should understand and say, "aha!”

(1) It is difficult to hold various things with a gloved hand.
(2) If there is a non-slip strip on the palm of a glove, I could hold things easily.
(3) Or better yet if there is a sucker on the palm of the glove.
(4) Speaking of a sucker, you will think of an octopus or a squid.
(6) An octopus is round, so it is cute when changed into a glove, I guess.
(7) Let's change a glove to an octopus,

which means that.
How do you think? I will be happy if you understand.
Born in Tokyo in 1971, Illustrator, fond of skulls, alligators and naked mole rats.

Now I have prepared gloves, suckers and felt.
Felt is for making a head of octopus.
And this is the one I made taking half a day.
When I wear it... Oh, it looks like an octopus more than I expected.
At first, let's buy a drink from the vending machine and enjoy its convenience.
The suckers may be a little disturbing when I take out the money from the purse ...

In such a case, I remove the glove without hesitation,
and stick it to the vending machine.

Thanks to the suckers, I don't have to hold a glove between teeth when I want to use my bare hand. I don't have to mumble when I am asked the way to somewhere at that time.
"Where is the way to the success of life?"

"I would rather know its answer."

We can talk like this very easily.
After buying a drink, I remove the glove and wear it again.
I can also hold it like this because it has suckers,although it is a little stretched.
When there is nothing around to attach the suckers on,
I can attach it to my glasses.

It may be stupid, but I have to be patience considering the convenience that the glove can be holded.
If the suckers are pressed to the iPhone,
I can hold the iPhone without gripping.

Only on an octopus.
"Hello, this is Betsuyaku. I've found a way to call on the phone using an octopus."

This makes my fingers warm and it doesn't slip from my hand. Quite convenient.
But I couldn't operate it because the suckers would stick to the screen.
I wonder if the real octopus can't operate a smartphone well.
Or, do suckers move freely because they are parts of the body?
By the way, the suction of suckers of octopus glove degraded slightly because it was left in the cold area for long.

It kept sucking in this state a little while ago.
Now in less than 10 seconds after holding, the suckers of its index finger and ring finger comes off.

Finally only one sucker can no longer bear the weight of the can, and drops it.
"Suckers are vulnerable to the cold."

This is the only beneficial information I got today.

Review the octopus

"I put too many suckers," this is my honest feeling.

Suckers were so close each other that some of them overlapped. If I can solve this problem, it might have a little stronger suction power.

On the other hand, I think it looks quite like an octopus.

While I was looking, there was a moment when my hand looked like another creature, which was interesting.

I wonder whether I got the self-awareness of the octopus if my hand was an octopus for a longer time.



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