It doesn't matter what season it is, or whether I'm at a station or even somewhere outside, I can just get drowsy. During such brief naps, I often think to myself: "Ah, if only I had a futon..." Drowsiness happens no matter where you are. But I always want to sleep properly in a futon.

So then, I tried bringing my futon with me the next time I went out. When you try sleeping in a futon everywhere, you rediscover how wonderful they can be. If you don't consider the fact that carrying a futon around is a lot of trouble, I felt that having a futon right there all the time was wonderful. (Onohoushimaru)

The goats looked like they had stepped back a little bit,
but they didn't seem particularly fazed.




sleeping everywhere with futon
Taking picture with a Showa flavor
(Yuji Hayashi)
stirring natto10,000 times
(Chikako Koga)
(To let someone see as if) A man is buried
(Kenjiro Koyanagi)
One Easy Step to Become a "Thief."
(Chikako Koga)
(Yuji Hayashi)
Businessman with Samurai armor
(Katsuko Takase)
Image training to climb a stone wall of a castle
It seems someone broke throuth with
a human-shaped hole on the wall
(Yuji Hayashi)
Full sized Coca-Cola gummi made
(Keiko Otsuhata)
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